Green Tea Weight Loss - Is Green Tea Weight Loss For You?

Green tea weight loss supplements are becoming more popular to assist people with their weight loss goals. Most experts agree that supplements can significantly help to curb appetite and decrease intake, which will lead to weight loss.

Obesity is a significant problem in Western civilization where the standard diet is full of too much protein, too many fats, too many sugars and not enough fruits and vegetables. Most people don't have an accurate understanding of the size of a 'serving'. A serving of meat is usually 3 oz of lean meat. Measure 3 oz of lean meat. It's pretty small.

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The three most commonly used supplements for weight loss are green tea, ephedra and protein. Weight loss supplements that are purchased over the counter usually contain one of these supplements. Protein is used to increase the protein intake of a person and stop using carbohydrates. This puts the body into ketoacidosis which increases the metabolism.

Increased protein diets are also fad diets and shouldn't be maintained for any length of time as they cause damage to the kidneys.

Ephedra is a common supplement that has been proven to speed metabolism and decrease appetite but it also is linked to significant side effects. Patients have been diagnosed with heart attacks and have died as a result of using this supplement.

Green tea weight loss supplements have both caffeine and a chemical EGCG that is part of the chemical make up of the supplements. When these two thing react to each other the metabolism in the body will increase

There haven't been long-term studies using green tea weight loss supplements to document the effectiveness and side effects. When ever you take any supplements you should consult your doctor to ensure that the supplement won't interfere with any other medications, over the counter medications or health issues you might have.

Green tea weight loss supplements are also full of anti-oxidants that cause an increase energy use in the body, thus burning more calories. Green tea weight loss supplements also stimulate the body to burn fats faster. People who use these supplements in studies will loose approximately 2 ½ pounds per month.

Green tea weight loss supplements can also help us to stay healthy by fighting free radicals - oxygen containing molecules that are a by-product of digestion. Free radicals can damage cells, DNA and lead to diseases such as heart disease and cancer.

Although green tea weight loss supplements also contain caffeine this doesn't seem to have the negative effects found in other products with caffeine. Green tea weight loss supplements don't cause the jitters or speed the heart rate.

Green tea weight loss supplements also contain catechins, the anti-oxidants. These catechins are unfermented in green tea and in their natural state and are believed to suppress fat absorption from the diet.

Theanine is the main amino acid in green tea weight loss supplements. Theanine is able to induce relaxation and the release of dopamine which helps to provide a feeling of well-being. Theanine minimizes the effect of caffeine. This might be why green tea doesn't cause the jitters and increased heart rate.

Green tea weight loss supplements are an option to help people suppress their appetite and eat less while trying to loose weight. Although people who take supplements to loose weight have a higher success rate than those who don't but, people who receive support also have a higher rate of success. The decision to take supplements is yours. Be sure you have all your facts straight first.

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