Monitor Your Diet with a Weight Loss Tracking Chart

Benefits galore

There are a lot of benefits you can get from a weight loss tracking chart. First of all, it can serve as your guide so you can see how much you are progressing in your diet. Next, you can monitor the rate on how much weight you are losing per week or per month. Another benefit is you can check whether your weight loss system is useful enough for achieving your short term and long term weight loss goals.

Your own chart

You can download or buy a tracking chart but to save money, you can make your own weight loss tracking chart. All you need is a graphing paper and some writing instruments. Here are some tips on how you can make it:

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o Draw some axes at the right, bottom, and left parts of the paper.

o Mark the bottom meant for each day and mark the left area meant for the pounds.

o The right axis is for plotting down the levels of your exercise regimen after completing it for a day.

o Every month, label the vertical axis that serves as your weight scale and then plot the data.

o Using the exercises that you have accomplished, you can plot out daily readings regarding your weight.

Some tips

You can use different colored pens or markers so you can easily distinguish each line from another. If you know how to use computer programs where you can create graphs or tables, you can make your computer-generated weight loss tracking chart for more convenience.

Track down your weight loss

You can also input the following data in your weight loss tracking chart to serve as your guide:

o Your target weight

o Your current weight

o Your BMI

o How much weight you need to lose

o Your weight loss goals

o Guidelines for your weight loss plan.

o Your measurements: chest, height, hips, arms, thighs, waist, etc.

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