The Facts About Your Weight Loss Liquid Supplement

Weight loss products have invaded your local drug store. Thousands of weight loss pills and patches are now being sold, all claiming to help you lose weight without the extra effort. Now, those who are not fond of taking pills can opt to buy a weight loss liquid supplement instead. A weight loss liquid supplement functions like a weight loss pill. The main difference is its form. Most weight loss liquid supplements usually come in different flavors or in tea variants.

Gaining popularity

Ever since it first came out in late 1970, a weight loss liquid supplement has undergone modifications. According to reports, liquid supplements are quickly gaining popularity. It is estimated that about one billion dollars will be spent this year on either prescription liquid diets or over-the-counter weight loss liquid supplement.

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How does it work?

Liquid diet products include Hoodia, diet shakes, tea variants, and other diet juices. These products are usually taken as a replacement for regular meals. The objective of a liquid diet is to cut down on the intake of calories to 400-800 calories a day.

A liquid protein shake, for example, is commonly used to replace meals. Since a weight loss liquid supplement lacks the excess calories and fat calories, the body can directly start to burn the already digested fat.

Side effects

Although some studies have shown that going through a liquid diet can help you achieve weight loss, some studies seem to show otherwise.

Although liquid is good for the body, overuse of it without medical guidance can lead to improper use and could have dangerous consequences. Some studies have shown that liquid diets that result in rapid weight loss can over use lean muscle and slow the metabolism, thus, making it even more difficult for weight loss to be maintained.

In the long run, liquid diet supplements can lead to the development of muscle cramps, anemia, dizziness, menstrual abnormality, and constipation. The people who are only mildly obese lose too much lean body mass which increases their chance of cardiac dysfunctions. The intensity of protein in the liquid diets can cause an electrolyte imbalance which results in irregular heart beats.

Furthermore, some studies have also shown that 25% of people on liquid diets have developed gallstones due to their inability to contract bile. In addition, liquid diets have even been known to cause deaths. In the 1970s alone, 58 deaths were already linked to the inadequate nutrition and too little calories in liquid diets.

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