A Review of Lindora Weight Loss Centers

If you're from Southern California and you've been struggling with your weight for a long time, why don't you try visiting one of the many Lindora weight loss centers in you area?

The weight loss center's secret lies on their "Lindora Lean for Life Clinic Program" which is a 10-week program, with the first 8 weeks dedicated for weight loss and the remaining 2 weeks for metabolic adjustment. The center promises weight loss of up to 10% of your body weight in only 10 weeks.

The Lindora weight loss center team is comprised of medical professional such as licensed doctors and nurses.

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When you first sign-up for a program, the center's staff would give you a medical evaluation which includes a comprehensive lab screening, cholesterol screening and blood pressure readings. After analyzing the data from your examination, the team will design a weight loss program just for you.

To track your progress and to guide you through the program, the Lindora Weight Loss Center's nursing staff would give you personal counseling 2 to 5 times each week. You may also receive a vitamin injection during your program at no cost.

Lindora Weight Loss Center also features other weight loss programs such as their paid online-based program named the "Lindora Online", which is basically the center's "Lean for Life Clinic Program", the only difference is that it's Internet-based and you can do the program at the privacy of your home.

The center also offers a "Weight Loss Starter Kit" which is essentially guide for people who want to lose weight on their own. The kit includes a CD, tape measure, book, DVD and a bottle of fat burning indicators.

Finally, the center also has a line of low carb but high in protein and nutrients food products.

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