Finding the Ultimate Weight Loss Challenge

Obesity is a disease. It can strike you if you do not keep your weight on track. That is why Americans have come up with different ways to lose weight, including joining the ultimate weight loss challenge to keep them motivated.

About obesity

Obesity is a result of being overweight or going way beyond the ideal body mass index (BMI). Your BMI is computed based on the proportion of your height to your weight.
An extreme form of obesity is morbid obesity. Many people suffering from morbid obesity are almost 100 lbs overweight. Serious complications can come from being obese, including heart complications, difficulty in mobility, and diabetes.

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A huge budget

As result, Americans are taking the extra step to lose weight. According to reports, Americans spend as much as $56 billion every year on weight loss methods. These include diet pills, surgery, and diet programs. However, as much as $6 billion of these are spent on fraudulent weight loss methods, often resulting to further complications.

Weight loss challenge

A new form of diet program is the ultimate weight loss challenge. In this challenge, individuals suffering from obesity can sign up to the challenge and form a team. The ultimate weight loss challenge works by motivating individuals to lose weight through competition.
You can either start a competition with your family or friends, or join a public ultimate weight loss challenge.


The benefits of joining the ultimate weight loss challenge include:

o Social networking: by joining the challenge, you can get to know and interact with other people suffering from obesity. Some programs are also providing you with goal motivators to help you achieve your ideal weight. There is definitely power in numbers!

o Track: you can keep track of your weight with others, share your experiences, and learn from each other. Several websites offering weight loss challenge programs will provide you with tracking tools for you to know your progress.

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