Fast and Safe Weight Loss - How to Go About It

Imagine losing weight and inches quickly while safely maintaining energy and stamina. That's the goal. But how realistic is this? Depending on the weight loss program one chooses to use, it can be very realistic. Yet while fast safe weight loss programs have their advantages, they also require caution. Not every method that promises fast safe weight loss is actually helpful. Some programs only give you the illusion of losing weight, while you actually lose only lean muscle mass and water weight without reducing the body's fat content.

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Any valid program for fast safe weight loss starts by helping your body to detoxify itself. Cleansing the body of toxins accelerates weight loss because the body holds onto fat longer if it contains chemicals and toxins and is deficient in essential nutrients. Chemicals and toxins are a major cause of illness, disease, and obesity in this modern day. According to National Geographic magazine, studies indicate that 700,000 tons of chemicals and toxins are contributed each day into our environment. There are many ways these chemicals and toxins can enter into your body -- by way of food, beverages, the air you breathe, and what penetrates the skin.

What is more, these chemicals and toxins are bound within fat tissue. The more chemicals and toxins, the more excess fat the body manufactures. The toxins and chemicals accumulate over time and cause the liver and kidneys to become overworked and weakened. The immune system can become suppressed, and the body can lose its strength and vitality, contributing to an increase in illness.

The commercial weight loss programs are going to kill me for this, but I'm going to tell you about the not-so-well-kept secret of losing weight fast and safe. And you won't have to buy their over-priced supplements and potions either. You can do this with just the same simple foods you already have available to you through your local grocery. The only question is: Will you do it?

In an incident related to our concern here, in September 1982 doctors at the National Cancer Institute said, "Changing the way we eat could offer some protection against cancer. The first guideline is to reduce fat. The second is to increase the amount of fruits and vegetables [in the diet]." While this advice is directed toward the prevention of cancer, it can also apply to an overall healthy lifestyle and weight loss program. It is the second bit of advice that we are most concerned with here. High-water content foods like fruits, in particular, and vegetables can assist the body in its efforts at detoxification. But you will need to learn all over again how to eat fruits wisely in order for this to work. The only factors preventing you from making these simple changes are the eating habits you may have already developed.

Rule number one: All you have to do is eat high-water content foods, properly combine food, and eat fruit correctly. Food combining is based on the discovery that certain combinations of food may be digested with greater ease and efficiency than others. (If you are serious about this, you can find out about the particulars of this program in the book Fit for Life by Harvey and Marilyn Diamond.) Keep following rule number one until you reach your desired weight. How do I know this works? I've followed the program myself, and it works like gangbusters.

One additional tip in regard to eating fruit: when eating fruit, always eat it on an empty stomach and give it time (half an hour for high-water content fruits like pears, oranges, strawberries, and apples and forty minutes for lower water content fruits like bananas, figs, and dates) to digest and exit the stomach. In other words, don't eat any other kind of food (bread, other vegetables, potato chips etc.) while eating fruits until the fruits have been digested and left the stomach.

While following proper food combining can take a little getting use to, if you only learn how to eat fruit properly, this in itself will go a long way toward helping your system to efficiently eliminate toxic wastes, setting yourself up for an effective fast safe weight loss program.

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