Healthy Weight Loss Advice - Weight Cycling - Do You Feel Like A Yo-Yo?

People attempting to lose weight often resort to weight cycling or "yo-yo" dieting as their means of achieving rapid weight loss. The typical yo-yo dieter will achieve small (5-10 lbs) to very large (50-60 lbs) swings in their body weight on each cycle and repeat this process over and over as they deem necessary.

However, recent research suggests that yo-yo dieting may be linked to certain health risks including hypertension, high cholesterol, and gallbladder disease. Most health experts discourage the process of weight cycling and the potential risks associated with it and recommend instead a healthy eating and regular exercise plan to achieve weight loss results and acquire a healthier life.

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One of the more common concerns with rapid weight loss diets is the concept of increased fat storage during times of food deprivation. Basically, it is thought that as the metabolism begins to slow in accordance with lower calorie intake, the body stores fat at a disproportional rate. Research into this matter has not established any correlation between up and down weight loss and increased fat storage. In addition, weight cycling does not seem to affect the metabolic rate (the calories burned by the body while at rest). These findings may suggest that the success or failure of future weight loss efforts may not be affected by weight cycling.

Although more research on the effects of weight cycling and other rapid weight loss efforts is needed, people wishing to lose weight can improve their health and obtain lasting weight loss by just changing the way they eat incorporating some physical activity into their lives If you are obese or are overweight and suffer from weight-related health problems, or you've had difficulty losing weight and keeping it off, it's probably not your fault. In fact, there are several very real reasons why this has happened to you.

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