Resolving Issues on Fast Weight Loss

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Fast weight loss can be effective if it's only used for initial weight loss because this can lead to having balanced diet and doing regular exercise or physical activities. Fast weight loss can even motivate a person to follow a reasonable eating plan and sensible eating pattern so he/she would not regain the weight lost. Although some fast weight loss strategies are allowed, it still doesn't change the fact that engaging into it without preparation is hazardous to health.

One of the reasons why people become obese is emotional eating. Some of the key factors that trigger emotional eating include anger, depression, and anxiety that lead to eating more food that a regular diet allows.

Experts say that if a person can manage emotional eating, the possibility of losing weight fast and safe is greater.

Here are some tips in combating emotional eating:

- It pays to determine your own mood especially before eating. Doing this will give you a mindset that eating is just a part of solving whatever that is bothering you.

- Analyze and monitor your emotions daily. Checking your emotional levels daily can help you trace the reasons why you indulge to emotional eating and can help you solve these emotions before taking any meal. This can also help you fight the urge to overeat when you get emotionally upset.

- Try to develop new hobbies that will take your mind off food and eating. By keeping yourself busy in other things, you can avoid eating large amount of food on a regular basis.

- Work out a meal plan that you can stick with everyday. By having a concrete reminder of the foods you should and should not eat for the day, you can develop a healthy eating plan that can help you lose weight fast and safe.

- Do regular physical activities such as walk or jogging regularly. Physical exertions can help your body burn unnecessary and unwanted calories.

- Exert more effort to form closer friendships and emotional bonds. Having a company that can give you moral support in your endeavor will help you fight emotional complexities.

- Discover and rediscover a better spiritual health. Analyzing your emotions through spiritual health can be enough motivation to keep up with your weight loss agenda.

- Stick to water therapy. Drinking at least 8 glasses of water daily can keep your body refreshed and well hydrated so you won't easily get irritated or upset.

- Choose you treats. Comfort foods such as junk foods should be replaced with healthier alternatives such as fruits or low fat products.

- Learn to forgive yourself. When you blow your diet, forgive yourself. Feeling guilty and depressed will only make matters worst. Instead of dwelling on your self-will, try to be positive by telling yourself you can do better tomorrow.


Fast weight loss might be a good way to jumpstart a weight loss plan, but it's significant to keep the long term weight loss goals. In reality, there's really no such thing as a quick fix or fast when it comes to weight loss. You must bear in mind that if you want to be happy, healthy, and achieve your desired weight for good you better start changing you eating and lifestyle habits.

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