How to Choose the Best American Weight Loss Clinic

It is difficult to lose weight - and keeping off the pounds is even harder. This is why more and more people are turning to professional and commercial American weight loss clinics for help. But what how do you know what clinic to sign up with? Here are some reminders to help you choose wisely.

1. Safety should be priority.

During the consultation, assess if the diet plans offered by the American weight loss clinic you are looking to join are safe. A healthy diet plan includes all the minerals, vitamins, and protein making up the recommended daily allowances (or RDAs). Also, the diet should give you lower calories - but certainly not less essential minerals and vitamins. Most American weight loss clinics prescribe 1,000 to 1,200 calories a day for women and about 1,200 to 1,600 for men. Ask your doctor what your calorie intake should be.

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2. Beware of false promises.

An honest American weight loss clinic will tell you that weight loss is slow but steady. Beware of clinics that promise super fast results. Unless your doctor tells you that you could benefit from faster weight loss, rapid diets are generally unhealthy.

A good American weight loss clinic will only guarantee realistic results. You will likely lose around two pounds after a week or two weeks. They will explain to you that if you ever lose weight rapidly, you are only losing fluid (not fat). 'Real' weight loss only happens when the sessions with the American weight loss clinic are sustained.

3. Make sure they can support your mental health, too.

The best American weight loss clinics have on-staff psychologists and counselors ready to help you if you suddenly feel unusual depressive episodes as a result of your diet. Remember that losing weight is largely an emotional process - you will experience ups and downs in your mood and disposition. Group therapy sessions and one on one coaching will really help.

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