Should You Believe a Weight Loss Success Story?

Losing weight can be tedious and often times disheartening. With all the hard work - physically and emotionally - that you have to put into dieting and exercise, it definitely takes a lot of patience, determination, and strong will to make you trim down to your ideal body size. This is the reason why people are now relying on weight loss success stories to keep them motivated and to get tips on how to lose weight effectively.


A weight loss success story is an inspirational story that tells of the experience of a particular obese person and his or her path to weight loss. A weight loss success story may contain tips and even recommend diet products and programs that helped in that person's weight loss.

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The aim of a weight loss success story is to inspire someone as well as to sell a particular diet program, product, or method. This is the reason why many weight loss success stories are tied with a specific diet program or product. You will find, at the bottom of the story, a recommendation to purchase that diet product.

A typical weight loss success story goes like this:

"Maggie Sorrells used to weigh 440 pounds. And her husband was even bigger. They've lost an astounding 580 pounds between the two of them. Maggie now weighs 140 pounds.

They went on a faith-based weight loss program soon after they married. The workshop teaches people to conquer their addiction to food by turning to God."

A word of caution

It may be tempting to easily believe a weight loss success story you see online or on television. But before you easily fall for their sweet and inspiring words, you to have to keep in mind that these stories are made to sell a particular product. The aim of some of these stories is to sell these products to you.

Success stories should also be read with an open mind. Since you do not know these people personally, it may be hard to find them believable. After all, you can easily make up a story online. Hence, if you are thinking of following what the weight loss story recommends, you have to consult a professional first.

Remember, these stories are only meant to inspire and not to be exemplified.

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