Blank Weight Loss Chart - Buy or Make Your Own

One pitfall that people may succumb to when trying to lose those extra pounds is the lack of motivation. More often than not, the lack of motivation comes from feeling that there is no progress at all. Where there is no progress, it becomes harder to keep going at it. What you need to do then is to find a means of tracking your weight loss. Use a blank weight loss chart to monitor your weight loss progress.

To make a blank weight loss chart, get a piece of graphing paper. Draw axes at the left, right, and bottom. Tick off marks at the bottom for each day and tick off marks at the left for pounds. The axis on the right is used to plot down the rungs in your exercise program after you've completed them for the day. To save up on time, get your blank weight loss chart and make photocopies for the whole year. For each month, label the weight scale on the vertical axis and plot your data. Plot out your daily weight readings with your accomplished exercises. To help you distinguish one reading from the other, make use of different colored lines for each. It may feel slightly nerdy to do this but this is the best way to go if you aren't using a computer-generated weight loss chart.

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A blank weight loss chart may seem harmless but it can become a very powerful tool in your goal to lose weight. When you are able to visualize things, they become more real to you. And this is exactly what your blank weight loss chart can do for you. It makes your progress more real to you. You may not really feel it in your body yet but when you are able to visualize your progress, this motivates you to keep at it, to do more. Because you are keeping at it, you are then able to lose more. So what if you're only losing a pound a week or something less than your intended goal, then use that as a sign for you to step it up. Keep at it and it won't be long until you're looking at those then blank weight loss charts with pride.

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Manual for Total Body Fat Control

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