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We often have the perception that an effective weight loss solution should be able to help us lose all those unwanted pounds and keep them off for a long time. However, the big question still remains: how can we achieve that weight loss solution?

Food is to blame?

Everybody loves to eat. However, too much of something is always bad, just like eating too much of your favorite fatty and calorie-rich foods and then packing on the pounds later on. Food has always been one of the big culprits when it comes to weight gain, but did you know that it is a weight loss solution you can incorporate in your lifestyle?

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The misconception

There is a misconception that if you want a dose of a quick weight loss solution, you should stop eating for a while. While this can be effective for some people, the results are always short-term because what you are mostly is your water weight. However, this method can lead to more weight gain later on, or your weight will end up fluctuating.

Just eat

One weight loss solution that even experts are advising to everyone is not to skip meals, especially breakfast. Make it a point to eat around 4 to 6 small meals a day. Just make sure that the meals you are eating are fat-free, unprocessed, and not sugary. Fruits, vegetables, and lean meats are examples of the healthiest foods you can eat even as snacks.

Why eat?

Eating is a weight loss solution for burning body fat. Your body needs energy and without it, your body is going to convert your muscle protein into energy, which can lead to losing muscle tissue--the tissue responsible for burning 70% of fat in the body. Without muscles, you lose your ability to burn fat.

Cut the fat

Fatty, junk, processed, and sugary foods all contribute to weight gain. They are all foods you can consume everyday that will eventually lead you to severe weight gain. The weight loss solution against weight gain is to cut down your intake of these foods.


People also blame weight gain to inactivity, which leads us to another weight loss solution that you can pair up with healthy eating habits: increasing physical activity. Exercise and a healthy diet have always been effective contributors to weight loss. This is because exercise can help you build muscle, which burns body fat. Furthermore, exercise can speed up your metabolism.

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