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People often tend to be tempted by the various fast weight loss programs promising safety and permanence. However, before opting for any such program, a person should remember that weight loss may not be permanent as promised by these programs. Nevertheless, a balanced diet and regular exercises can help in maintaining the shape of the body, which goes a long way in having an impact on the person's confidence levels.

The right approach to fast and safe weight loss would be to choose, a diet that combines all the necessary nutrients required for the body. It is advisable to reduce the intake of high calorie food causing fat and increasing body weight. The diet plan and amount of food intake may vary from one person to another, depending on various factors typical to a person's constitution. It is therefore, necessary to plan a diet according to the advice of the physician. The diet should also fit with the taste of the individual, instead of being a compulsive act considered only a part of the treatment process.

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General physical activities might be increased in order to burn calories such as cleaning, gardening, cycling and swimming. A regular exercise routine can also make a big difference and help in losing weight. However, long-term weight loss is often a gradual process that can not take place overnight. People are required to compensate the energy loss due to these physical exercises, by proper food consumption, failing which they might suffer from malnutrition and dehydration.

A combination of fish, lean meat, spinach, cauliflower, green beans, sprouts, salads, olives, avocado, cucumber, aubergine, broccoli, leeks, pimiento and berries are a diet that offers balanced nutrition, though it might differ according to a person's individual health. A person's sincere efforts and patience are the most important factors to a fast and safe weight loss. Personal will and determination to follow the basic rules can help reduce obesity and maintain a healthy life simultaneously.

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