Weight Loss - How To Jump Start Your Weight Loss Plan Before Christmas

o Be In Charge of Your Cravings

o Check Your Walking Shoes

o Make Your Weight Loss Plans

o Only Have Healthy Choices In Your Kitchen

o Your Day Should Start With Breakfast

o Progress Is Better Than Perfection

o Watch Your Portions

Be In Charge Of Your Cravings

In a survey of busy mums, it was found that their biggest challenge to weight loss was combating their cravings for foods loaded with calories and so sabotaging their efforts of losing weight.

The problem is, mums have such a heavy workload, they don't make the time to sit down and eat a healthy, leisurely meal.

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So missing meals or eating the wrong kinds of foods will confuse the body.

If a meal is missed, the body will think, 'Hey there's going to be famine, food is scarce, I'd better store what is available just in case.' When this happens, the food is stored as fat. This is of course the opposite of the chosen game plan - that is to be on a weight loss diet.

Or the harassed mum will grab something quick and easy to eat, but her choices may be unwise. Something sweet or starchy will make her feel full and satisfied, but an hour or so later and she will be hungry once again.

What can the busy mum eat that will keep her cravings in control and make sure she does eat healthily?

Planning ahead may help. If she is going to be out of the house for some time, a bag of snacks for when the rumbly tummy occurs or hunger pangs make themselves known.

What should she include in the bag?

o Some unsalted nuts

o Dried Fruit

Craving for something sweet she should give in to it. If she wants chocolate, she should have chocolate. Instead of eating a whole bar of it, she should just take a few small pieces, then not chew it but allow it to melt slowly in her mouth, savouring the taste.

It would be better not to avoid the foods that are craved, but rather eat them in small portions.

Check Your Walking Shoes

72% of mums who took part in the survey said they only had about 30 minutes a day or less to be able to exercise.

So no matter what exercise you choose to do, as long as it's regular, it would be better than not exercising at all.

Join forces with a neighbour; take the dog for a walk, Just walk, doing ten more steps each day will help to burn more calories.

Make Your Weight Loss Plans

o How much time each day have you available to exercise?

o Have you stocked up your kitchen with low fat healthy foods?

o Don't forget healthy snacks, for example, fruit, nuts, small yoghurts and low fat cheese.

Snacks high in fibre and lean Protein will keep you feeling full and satisfied between meals.

Can you find the time to visit the gym on a regular basis?

Make out a schedule (timetable) don't be too hard on yourself. Give yourself a treat at least once a day. A particular food you enjoy, just keep it to small portions but don't cheat, it's your reward for doing something positive towards your weight loss goals. Have you got a book you have been wanting to read, but you never seem to find the time. Work that into your timetable. Once again give yourself a treat by reading a few pages after you've done some exercise.

Put your timetable where you can see it regularly. On the fridge door, on your makeup mirror, on the bathroom mirror. Maybe on your wardrobe door. Wherever you put it, be sure to notice it. It will keep you motivated so you will reach your weight loss goals.

Only Have Healthy Choices In Your Kitchen

If you have nutritious foods in your kitchen it will be easier to work them into your diet.

Always have fruit and vegetables ready cut up, so you can just eat it when you feel like it.

Before snacking on chocolate, eat some fruit or vegetable. This will take the edge off your appetite, so you will eat less chocolate.

Your Day Should Start With Breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Why is this?

Breakfast = break - fast. It is the first meal of the day. Normally you will not have had anything to eat since the day before, could be eight hours. You have to eat because your blood sugar is low. If it is too low, you may have fainting attacks.

Not eating breakfast may mean that later in the day you will eat unwisely due to being very hungry. This will make a mess of your weight loss plans.

If you can work fibre, lean protein and fruit into your breakfast, you will be doing yourself a big favour.

Progress Is Better Than Perfection

Make a habit of eating healthily, and exercising regularly, this will become part of your life.

Even if you have not reached your anticipated goals, anything in the right direction is good. You are making progress. Be proud of yourself.

You don't have to have reached perfection; progress however small should be applauded.

Still Watch Your Portions Even After You Have Reached Your Target Weight

Congratulations on reaching your Target Weight.

Now is not the time to go back to your old eating habits, or you may end up where you started - needing to go on a Weight Loss Diet.

o Continue keeping a check on what you eat.

o Watch your portion sizes.

o Exercise regularly.

And you should be able to enjoy your weight loss for many years to come.

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