Jillian Michaels Weight Loss Review

Is Jillian Michaels a weight loss guru, or a diet hype artist? The web is filled with her radiant pictures, her pretty face, tan skin, and taut body. But are the Jillian Michaels weight loss instructions a manufactured facade created by the machine of the "powers that be?"

More importantly: Do her weight loss and diet methods work? Should you, in fact, try them?

If you're trying to lose weigh she may be the first method of contact. After all her face is a blaze on MSN.com She claims to have been overweight, just like you. She presents a compelling case as to why you should listen to her. She might be the newer weight loss version of Cathy Smith.

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Of course, Cathy might beg to differ. Cathy might also be trying to sell you one of her home weight loss "kits" while she's at it.

Jillian Michaels weight loss is also built around the premise of creating consumer commerce. You didn't think she gets those MSN ads for free, did you? Not a chance. Those images of her cost big bucks, really big bucks!

Her intent is to first, gain your confidence by telling you about her own weight struggles, then to you have you silently nod your head in agreement, and finally pull out your wallet and pay for her weight loss services.

Which would be all well and good. But you're not even dealing with Jillian Michaels the person by then. You're dealing with Jillian Michaels the cash machine. There are far too many Jillian Michaels members by now, so it's tough to expect the kind of personal weight loss attention that her ads seem to resonate.

Again, this is not to say that her advice doesn't work, or that she doesn't have good weight loss materials. It's simply to inform you and temper your expectations when you visit Jillian Michaels weight loss plan. And to remember that there may be less expensive weight reduction solutions out there.

Be informed, make an objective decision, and guard your checkbook. And most importantly, get killer weight loss results!

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