Is Weight Loss Over 40 All In Your Head? Here are 6 Examples

Is weight loss over 40 in your head? You would agree that losing weight is a mind over matter problem. Your mental outlook on weight loss is what makes or breaks your success.

Here Is The Breakdown Of The Matter

1. Controlling the overeating compulsion.

2. Mind wrestling why you should not eat food you know is not good for you.

3. After eating the food justifying it.

4. Eating without thinking.

5. Bad habits of eating.

6. Comfort food or emotional eating.

Each one of the six examples above is familiar because you have a weight loss problem. An you could come up with a lot more if asked. Most weight loss plans talk about the diet and exercise parts of the program. Either assuming or completely leaving out the mental part of any weight loss plan. Without the mind set of dealing with the six conditions above you will always fail. You can not hope, wish, or try an fool yourself that you can make it work.

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The overeating compulsion, you have to find the root cause of why it is part of you. If you do not have the mental side of weight loss under control you are in a no win situation. So do the research and maybe face some terrible times in your life that caused your condition. Until you do you will be fighting a losing battle against weight loss.

Why do you wrestle with eating the foods you know is not good for you. Those little mind games of "if it tastes so good how can it be bad for you", "I will only eat a little piece of it now" and then you say the same thing 10 minutes later. The mind is a very nimble thing an if you let it control you, again your weight loss is in deep trouble.

After you lose the wrestling match you try to make it right by saying... "I will skip the next meal" which you never do or if you do it is replace with a snack. "I will workout longer to burn those extra calories" if you do not come up with an excuse not to workout, the extra minute or sit up will not burn those extra calories off. "It is just a one time slip up" this is usually a half hearted excuse because you know there will be a next time.8-}

Big bowls of chips, popcorn, or any snack foods is the perfect example of eating without thinking. It tastes good, there is a big bowl just for me, so why think about the effects it is having on my weight problem. Combine with watching tv it is deadly to any weight loss program.

Bad eating habits are developed in your youth and continue throughout your life's. Snacking between meals, having a big snack just before bedtime. These are a large part of your overweight problem, out of control calories. Until you break these habits weight loss will only be a dream. You have to condition your mind when to eat and what foods to eat. It is not easy to break old habits but anything that improves your life and health is worth the effort.

You all have them, comfort foods, something that makes you all warm and fuzzy inside. Mom's apple pie, that feeling of a secure home where nothing can happen to you. Grandma's cookies, that feeling someone special loves you. Pizza, hamburgers, hotdogs, and a barbecue says party and good times. The birthday cake, which says this is your special day, that the world says it is glad you are in it. These are all the foods that make you feel good but if you are fighting a weight problem could be killing you. Your emotions play a big part of your weight loss success.

How you look at food in your life will help or hurt your weight loss program

1. If you not able to control your eating you will not reach your goals.

2. If you make excuses for failing to eat the right foods your weight loss plan will fail

3. If you try uses trade offs for eating unhealthy and fatting foods you will not loose the weight.

4. If you can not change your bad eating habits do not start a weight loss program

5. If you are not thinking about the foods you are eating and the effects on your body's health. You do not think much about you.

6. If you need comfort and want a great emotional high, reach your weight loss goals and live a better life.

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