Do Not Let Weight Loss Stress You Out!

Our body reacts uniquely to weight loss efforts which may not be similar to others. So, when your friend may lose 5 pounds within a week following same schedule as yours, you may manage to lose only 2 pounds. Humans have limits of rationality and willpower and this limit takes a person to the level of frustration while he is in the process of doing anything on a regular basis without getting the desired result in proportion to the efforts put in, weight loss being one of them. Because of this reality, people suffer from stress while following strict diet and exercise in weight management. Getting less than desired causes stress and the amount of which is more than what it should be. Stress acts adversely to weight loss and makes it more difficult, as stress affects metabolism, increases the cravings for sugary and high fat food and also promotes fat storage.

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There are a lot of ways to manage stress which you are already aware of. Let us discuss, why do we feel stressed? This is because we set high expectations from weight loss. The expectations are most of the time similar to these,Weight loss will straighten all the problems in life.
I can lose weight without a single slip-up.
If the weight loss is slow, I will lose motivation.
Even with a lot of problems in my life, I am determined to lose weight.
I will be successful only if I can reach my ultimate weight loss goal.
I should lose weight rapidly because I am putting in my 100%.

Above are the unrealistic expectations which are lying at deep in the root of your stress. Remember, with more realistic goals, you are more likely to reach your weight loss goal. When you find it difficult to cope with lifestyle changes, go out and talk to your family members and friends so that you can find relief in sharing your problems. This way you will get relief from your stress and at the same time they will motivate you to move ahead with your goal.

Believing that weight loss can solve all problems in your life is asking too much from yourself. Weight loss is not a magic that will change everything overnight, it is a slow process and slowly creates its impact on life. By expecting so much from your weight loss efforts, you are putting too much pressure on yourself. This way, an insignificant slip-up like losing less pounds after one month, will easily de-motivate or frustrate you. Because, you are magnifying the simple and insignificant problems of weight loss and assuming that they will create great impact on your career or your desired relationship.

Even when you have problems in other spheres of your life, you should set preferences and solve each problem accordingly. The unsolved problems in life create stress in the unconscious mind and you become irritated and depressed. In this situation, try to strike a balance, if you are not able to give the required time for your weight management due to other problems, just cut down your time for exercise and devote it to solve the other more important problems. For that period, just keep in mind that at times maintaining the present weight is also a big accomplishment. Once you have solved, you will find yourself happier and will enjoy every step of your weight loss.

I have said one thousand times earlier and writing it here again. Weight loss does not have to be stressful and rigorous experience. Simple and effective changes in lifestyle and healthy eating and exercise will do the trick for you. But the real happiness of your life depends upon how positive you are about life and how well you manage your stress. Just put your weight in a meaningful perspective and that will be the first step towards great change in lifestyle.

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