Weight Loss & Diet Failures? Forget Trying to Lose Weight - Start Finding Thin

How many diet failures and weight loss attempts have you experienced? If you're like 99% of Americans - you can't count your diet failures and failed weight loss attempts. Would you like to know why?

We can help - take a moment to look at the following thoughts about weight loss, diet failures and all those attempts to lose weight.

The concept of diet and weight loss is entirely flawed. Think about it - how often do you try to "lose" anything? As human beings, it's unnatural for us to try to lose things - including weight loss. Do you set out to make more money or lose more poverty? Do you try to look more attractive or less "ugly"? Do we seek more happiness or less sadness? Do you see the trend in our thinking? We grow up being told to be responsible, don't lose our keys, don't lose our homework, etc. We're simply not "wired" to lose things - weight loss included.

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Sure, everyone has experienced the feeling of a little weight loss while on a diet - but did you find thin? Did you reach your goal? Do you look and feel like you desire? Did you regain the weight? It's frustrating isn't it? It doesn't have to be that way. It's not your fault. Learn a new approach to reaching your weight loss goals.

Begin to think in terms of "finding thin" rather than "losing weight". It's OK to have that goal of weight loss, but think of it in terms of how you would like to see yourself. For example, I see myself healthy, smiling and sexy - while weighing in at 125 pounds. As your focus turns away from diet and weight loss - you'll begin to focus on the person you seek to become. This approach is much more natural and in line with our basic human tendencies. People tend to gravitate and accomplish things they truly want - not lose things they don't want.

Take that first step, write out a description of the person you seek to become. Write down the details and get a real clear picture of your future self. Then, think of those things you believe will be required to become that person. Don't worry about the weight loss needed. Focus on things such as diet, eating healthy, exercise, attitude, etc. Most importantly, focus on finding thin and forget about weight loss. When you learn to think in this way on a daily basis - you will find thin.

E Lawrence Welch

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